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Welcome to the 40th episode of my podcast – Lots of Firsts

Thank you for joining me once again and welcome if you are a first time listener.

Over the last couple of months there have been lots of firsts as the year unfolds in our corner of Skye as well as firsts in my making.

The Weather

From orcas to deer ticks there’s a lot of chats about the fauna that have been out and about during April and May.

We’ve had sunny days at last!  

I chat about the flora displays from primroses, bluebells and gorse and that tulip!


I give an update on my Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket 2017.

I still have sewing up and finishing off to do on projects.  I’m thinking of having a Finishing Friday or Sewing Saturday to help me along with these!

I finished my Love Note – the first time I’ve knitted the same garment twice.

I’ve learnt 2 new craft skills for the first time – Kumihimo -a Japanese braiding technique and ribbon flowers.

I’ve made a start on the Shetland Wool Week hat and I chat through my projects I plan to take to France with me on a knitting retreat.

Finally I chat about the first Outer Hebrides Yarn Festival.

Dorset Buttons & wider news from the TJFrog Pad

Website & emails continue to be problematic!

I ran my first virtual Dorset Button workshops of 2023 in April and May and had a wonderful time with everyone who attended.  I talk about virtual workshops going forward and a loyalty scheme. This is the May group with their finished Dorset Button Tree Brooches.

In April we went to Wonderwool Wales and I give a few shout outs to people we met.

Skye Focus

I chat about tourism on Skye – what happens if you come on holiday and the place you want to visit is closed?

That’s it for this episode.

Thank you for joining me again.

Until next time . . .


One Frog For a Prince, by Ron Patton & licensed from Melody Loops.

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