Postcards – illustrations by Katie Green

TJFrog exclusive postcards commissioned from Katie Green with the themes of Dorset Buttons, knitting and crochet.

The 6 postcards are of people and depict scenes of yarn, chat, making, tea & cake, with some Dorset Horn sheep and the odd frog making an appearance too!

The purple and green business colours of TJFrog are used throughout.

A6 in size the back of each postcard is marked with a quirky frog stamp illustration.

Each postcard comes with an envelop so you can send it off to someone or just send the card as is.

Charity Donation
Up until 31st December 2020 a 15% donation will be made from each pack sold.
Where a pack appears in an offer the 15% will be taken off the full price not the discounted price.

The donation will be going to Rag Tag on Skye, a social enterprise who support people with a range of health problems, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. They aim to raise awareness about mental health, disability, discrimination and environmental issues. They have a charity shop and also recycle and up cycle textiles while also providing a variety of craft and personal development workshops for people, particularly the vulnerable in the community.

£6.00 Add to Basket