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Photo courtesy of Andrew & Andrea Doig

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TJFrog's Range of Work

Dorset Buttons

Dorset Buttons, in a variety of colours & yarns, are sold individually and in packs of six. Or buy a TJFrog Dorset Button kit to make your own!

Singleton Button

Produced for the 2014 Singleton Dorset Button Challenge - Inspired by the Scottish iconic thistle emblem this stands at 3cm high!

Shetland Brooch

A brooch consisting of seven Dorset Buttons using Shetland yarn from Jamieson & Smith.

Own Designs

A number of TJFrog's buttons follow the classic designs alongside designs inspired by the nature of the yarn.

Bespoke Projects

Bespoke Dorset Buttons can be made for that special project to finish it off.

Stitch Markers

Made using hand dyed yarn with rings & lobster claw clasps.

Ear Rings

A delightful way to showcase the Dorset Button. Made using hand dyed yarn and beads.


A single Dorset Button made with beads and ribbons used as a hanging decoration.

Shorelines & Strata

TJFrog's own range of British wool bring together Dorset and the Isle of Skye through new yarns.