There is no denying when I wake up & see a sunrise like this it adds an additional sense of wellbeing to me & injects some energy to my day.


Having said that the grey, misty, cloudy, wet days, also have their own beauty, producing a monochrome landscape.  According to the Met Office, for the North of Scotland, October 2016 is one of the driest & sunniest months on records.  During October and already at the start of November we have had some incredible colourful skies, often only lasting for a few seconds, ever changing.


Dramatic, rich and vibrant depth of colour.


A blend of colour reflecting onto the sea.


Inky skies that remind me of a watercolour painting.


And pastel subtle skies that can be missed with the blink of the eye.


It’s a constantly changing landscape that I never tire of.  It’s very distracting & all too easy to procrastinate!

Bye for now.

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