As part of a nationwide campaign to promote independent yarn shops, today has seen a large number of shops taking part in Let’s Knit Magazine “Yarn Shop Day” with many holding special events, workshops, promotions and discounts.

“Love Your Yarn Shop” first came to my attention through Twitter and when I looked up who in my area was participating my eyes were immediately drawn to Beaker Button.  I first heard about them last year, so this provided the perfect excuse to make a trip out to Weyhill, Andover.  Then to my great surprise in the week I won a Beaker Button competition via Twitter.  I won 5 mini-skeins of Jen’s hand dyed 4ply merino!

BB -Mini Skeins

And so earlier today I found myself spending a few impromptu hours knitting in the sunshine.

BB - Knitting

As you can see in the background there is a bit of yarn bombing going on and Jen’s aim for the day was to cover her car.  So Jen provided me with needles, yarn and a cup of tea and I joined some of the other ladies out in the sunshine knitting various pieces for the car.  I opted for making a strip.
BB - My effort

Knitted eyes and a tongue were in progress as well as crochet flowers, pom poms and crochet covers for the wing mirrors.

BB -CrochetBB - Flowers












Once at the Weyhill Fairground Craft and Design Centre Beaker Button is very easy to find!  There are lots of outside textile displays and so much to draw you in.

BB - Shop

BB - Bicycle

BB -Seat

BB -Outside Shop

A great surprise is also waiting inside – it is like a treasure trove.  Jen has a great selection of yarn and I found this silk by Rosie’s Moments sat on its own just waiting for me!  Haven’t got a clue what I’m going to do with it  – I just love the colour.  I have to admit a total indulgence!

BB -Rosie's Moments 1

Jen’s selection of Dorset Buttons are amazing and I bought her book to add to my collection.  Jen uses yarn to make Dorset Buttons and Dorset Button jewellery as well as selling a range of kits and a variety of projects incorporating Dorset Buttons.  Jen truly has a fantastic talent and passion for promoting and encouraging others to keep this traditional craft alive.

BB - Inside Shop

My first of what I hope will be many visits to a fantastic independent yarn shop; Beaker Button – all thanks to Yarn Shop Day.

Bye for now.

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  1. Thanks for coming to help us. it was a really pleasure to meet you. And thank you so much for all the lovely things you said about Beaker Button. I’m quite tearful now.


    1. My pleasure Jen. Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome, I really enjoyed myself. I’m only sorry I took so long to come and visit you. I think you’ll be seeing me again very soon!

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