Last weekend saw Louise of KnitBritish and Leona-Jayne of Fluph shop, Dundee collaborate & hold a #bigwiprip session – Rip up your works in progress (WIPs), frog your project, and release the yarn for a new exciting knitting pattern!

Still working through jet lag from my trip to the States, a trip to Dundee was not on the cards, so I joined in from home along with other folks from the online community.

I had one obvious WIP that needed to be frogged.  This project using Rowan Summer Tweed (now discontinued) is something I’ve just not enjoyed doing.  I love the colour, and the silk cotton combination gives the yarn a lovely soft feel.  Although I found the overall knobbly texture quite difficult to knit with, making slow progress of the ‘pass slipped stitches over’ in the pattern.wiprip1

Having tackled this project on a few occasions and put it back on the WIP pile I came to the conclusion there was no point in carrying on with it so RIP IT UP I did & what a great feeling!






Now what to do with this yarn.  I think a garter stitch pattern is called for with minimal sewing up.


Louise Scollay of KnitBritish first got me focusing on my WIPs back in September 2014 when I listened to her Podcast.  Louise along with Nic from Yarns From The Plain set up a Ravelry Knit Along (KAL) – no cost, no yarn or patterns to buy – instead a KAL completing those WIPs, aptly called #WIPCrackAway.

Most of my WIPs fall into the category I call ‘the all too difficult stage.’  This usually means I’ve gone horrendously wrong & it requires a lot of effort to work through the solution, some detailed measuring is required, my gauge has gone a little astray, or I’ve reached a very complicated stage or stitch that requires a lot of concentration & does not suit car or TV knitting!

I have slowly started working through & finishing off my WIPs.  With each one finished I reward myself with casting on a new project!!!   It’s a great incentive, believe me!


Earlier this year I bought this beautiful Victorian Cot from Marsha Swanzy and what a perfect way to house all my WIPs.  It acts as a good motivator as I walk past it numerous times everyday and there are all my WIPs looking at me, not stuffed hiding away in the bottom of some cupboard – out of sight – out of mind.

I currently have six, more than I’d like although not as many as others.  I especially felt better when I listened to The Crochet Circle podcast and heard about their WIPWall.

1 to 3 need time when I can concentrate

  1. Fair Isle Socks
  2. Fair Isle Slippers
  3. Cable jumper
  4. Vest / Shawl / Ponch all it one – needs measuring to finish final section
  5. Jumper – needs neckline added
  6. Jumper – One of my friends recently asked if the knitting on my needles was a sleeve – uhm, no it’s suppose to be the front of my jumper!  It appears I maybe a little delusional about my body size!  I’d like to think some strong blocking will work although the reality is I probably need to Frog It!

Bye for now.

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