Who is TJFrog?

TJ refers to my first & middle names, Tania Jane and the Frog a homage to my avid & lifelong collection of frogs!  Not the real ones, although I do love them & have been known to rescue them crossing a main road!

TJFrog was a childhood name I assigned to myself – as you do!  When I discovered knitters ‘frog’ their work when ripping it back, TJFrog was an obvious name choice for my creative venture.

Taught to hand knit as a very young child by my Nana, I knitted for one of my Duke of Edinburgh Awards!  Cross stitch caught my attention for many years and I returned to knitting in 2008 after taking up an opportunity to do a knitting retreat.  And so I entered a whole new world of knitting!  I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing!

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And this is the product of that knitting retreat.  A felted needle bag – my first design!

Through knitting I found out about Dorset Buttons, not something I’d heard of during my upbringing in Dorset!  A trip to the Dorset History Centre started my research and interest to learn more about their history and designs.

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A Business is Born

From my growing research into the Dorset Button history and traditions I realised I wished to help promote and keep alive the story as well as build on some of the historical designs to produce contemporary pieces.  

Though I had a business name, the business needed a logo and so I set about creating the TJFrog logo which has quickly become a key and very recognisable part of my championing of the Dorset Button and the wide range of yarns and wools I can source in the Highlands that bring my designs to life.

With a long background in training I love delivering workshops and tutorials in the making of buttons and have found that there is a demand for both Dorset Button kits alongside finished designs.

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