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Welcome to the 9th episode of my podcast – A New Chapter

Thank you for listening again or welcome if you are a first time listener.

The Weather 

November brought the snow to the surrounding mountain tops & here on our corner of Skye.  Now December is bringing Storm Caroline with an Amber & Yellow warning for regions in Scotland with 90 mile per hour gusts likely on exposed regions on the North of the island and more snow.  We will be moving the car away from the house to avoid any damage from flying debris & hoping the power stays on!


My Starting Point Shawl is finished & blocked and ready to wear!  I’ve loved doing this project a few rows each evening.

I review my 8 WIPs I had when I first started the podcast back in February 2017.

1. Taliesin Sweater by Louisa Harding is finished as is

2.  Gulfoss by Stephen West

3. The scarf I designed back in 2012 that has a blog post all to itself is finally finished & ready to wear in the cold weather we are due in the next couple of days.

4. The Eigg slippers are ongoing & highlight how my knitting has changed over time.

5. The Blanche top by Susan Crawford – I haven’t touched.

6. Lilium from The Knitter Magazine – again my knitting has changed and after much deliberation this project is frogged and reduced back to stash.

7. Di Gilpin Moray Star Jumper – no work on this to date.  This will be the only project to go into 2018.

8. Fisherman’s Knit bag from Shetland Wool Week workshop is finished except for the lining.

Therefore I conclude I have 3 1/2 WIPs left which I aim to get down to one by the end of the year.

On the needles I still have the Bousta Beanie and the fubc shawl by Susan Crawford.

Dorset Buttons

I will be a vendor at Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018 which I am delighted about.

If you are coming along & didn’t get to sign up for a workshop & would like to be in with a chance of doing one do sign up to their returned class spaces mailing list.

The market place will run for 3 days in 2018 from 15 – 17 March with further events including a party, two knit nights and a mini event on the Sunday.  Sign up to their newsletter to be the first to hear about tickets and further information on this extra events.

With the arrival of the snow I released my Dorset Button Snowman Decoration Kit – there are still some left if you’d like to have a go or buy one as a gift.

I have my last craft fair on 9 December at Hotel Eileen Iarmain where I did my first craft fair in December 2014.

Local Lowdown

Misty Isle Gin from the Isle of Skye – they now have a shop & gin school in Portree!

Skye Showcase

For this interview I ventured up to Staffin on the North East coast to Glenview to chat with textile artist & business owner Kirsty.

Formerly a 2AA rosette restaurant with rooms, then a gallery, B&B & the Skye Pie Cafe.

Here are a couple of links to previous blog posts about the Skye Pie Cafe & the art installations.

Pies & Pom Poms

Pies for the Body – Panoramas for the Soul

Glenview is starting a new chapter.  Listen in to hear about some of the creative projects & exhibits Kirsty has previously done and what the future holds for her – exciting news about Shilasdair yarns!

The Red Thread Project

Hand stitched memories.

I am very excited to see the next chapter in the life of Shilasdair & Glenview & will be in the queue when they open in March!

Music – the music is One Frog For a Prince, by Ron Patton & licensed from Melody Loops.

Bye for now.

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