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Welcome to the 5th episode of my podcast – TJFrog Hops South

Thank you for listening again or welcome if you are a first time listener.

The Weather 

The weather has not been great throughout June, it’s been very mixed & inconsistent compared to April & May.  I go on a little minor rant about the reporting of the weather on some of the national news channels here in the UK.  In particular the use of language when describing the weather IN the UK or the WHOLE of the UK & how in Scotland we are grouped into one area or our weather is not reported on at all especially when the rest of the UK is experiencing a particular type of weather.

Skye living up to The Misty Isle

Here is a link to a blog post my husband did about the Celtman Extreme Triathlon event, and this photo gives you an idea of the weather conditions – the weekend when the UK was supposedly having sunshine!


I tell you about my scarf that went to France & came back again without a stitch being added to it!

I cast on the Burrafirth jumper by Gudrun Johnston, The Shetland Trader Book 2.  The wool is Jamieson & Smith & I talk about my colour choice, frogging & swatching!

Gudrun is the patron for Shetland Wool Week this year & I plan to cast on her Bousta Beanie Hat at some stage!

I also chat about my trip to France on a knitting retreat reunion!

Dorset Buttons

This month I attended Woolfest as a vendor for the first time.  I had a great show & really loved the atmosphere of the venue & the added background sound effects from the livestock!

Fay of KnitIt – HookIt – CraftIt & the host of The Crochet Circle Podcast brought us homemade cake!  Delicious!  Fay also brought along her Criss-Cross crochet shawl made up in 2 skeins of TJFrogWool Shorelines & Strata 4ply limestone & I couldn’t wait to try it on!

I only made a couple of purchases at Woolfest despite there being an enormous amount of temptation.  I purchased a couple of skeins from Ripples Crafts that will be making their way into Dorset Button kits and a Woolkworkers Friend from The Border Tart who is all about the Indigo!

Next month I’m off to exhibit at The British Wool Show in Thirsk & then I’ll be delivering a Dorset Button workshop at Fancy Tiger Crafts, Denver, Colorado!

Watch out for updated pages on my website over the next couple of weeks!

Local Lowdown

Talisker will no longer be the only whisky distillery on Skye!  We have a new whisky distillery opening here on Sleat & I talk a little about it.  To find out more have a read of the blog post my husband wrote following a private visit to this new distillery here on Sleat.

Keep tuned into future episodes – there’s a new Gin Still on Sleat, Skye!

Across The Bridge

This month I travel Across the Bridge & take a hop across the English Channel to bring you an interview with Sue, the host of the Knitting Retreats in France, and with Felicity, one of my fellow retreaters.

We chat about what knitting retreats mean to us, we find out about Sue’s creative background & what Sue & Culli provide as hosts of the Knitting Holidays in France.

Concentrating on making Dorset Buttons!

La Nougeree – the home of Knitting Holidays in France.

Blog posts from Sue.

If you haven’t already attended a knitting retreat and you get the opportunity to do so I highly recommend them!


Music – the music is Call of the Mountains by Geoff Harvey & One Frog For a Prince, by Ron Patton & licensed from Melody Loops.

Bye for now.

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  1. Hi Tania just listened to your podcast #5. very interesting as always; i was nervous about hearing myself- but thought the interview with Sue was very good and I came over ok too! Thank you for your expert editing! . Good luck in Denver and hope this weekend in Thirsk went well.

    1. Thanks Felicity! You both did really well & it’s always hard hearing ourselves on a recording, although
      never as bad as we think!

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