A week ago today my Nana sadly passed away.  Even though she reached the grand old age of 95 it was still very sudden and unexpected.  My Nan taught me to knit as a very young child and little did I know then just how much knitting would eventually become a big part of my life.

I have been fortunate enough to go to France, Norway and the Shetlands with knitting trips as well as to Edinburgh, Oxford, Shaldon, Sussex, and here on Skye.  On these trips I’ve met some fascinating and talented people from all over the world including Alaska, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Greece and the USA.

Whenever I visited my Nan I always took along my latest finished object or work in progress to show her what I was up to.  Although she had long stopped knitting herself she still took interest in my various knitting projects.

I will have fond memories of my Nana as I continue to progress my knitting skills, which had their beginnings through the teaching of a very special person in my life.

Wooden Frog & SocksChristmas 2011 – present for my Nan – the first time I knitted a pair of socks!

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  1. Dear Tania
    I’m so sorry to read about the lose of your Nan. Such a precious lady. The older they are the more treasured they become. She will never be forgotten as long as you remember her. Just think, she is in every stitch that you make.
    Love and hugs
    Mary x

    1. Many thanks Mary for your lovely kind words. That’s a lovely thought about her being in every stitch. x

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