An unexpected enjoyment I have had since I took up knitting again is being part of a knitting group.  Our group came together in 2009 when we were all doing Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket, Arabian Nights.  Although no longer all doing the Mystery Blanket we continue to meet every 3 or 4 months at one of our houses, coming together from across 3 counties.

1. Arabian Nights 2009

Over the last 5 years in addition to the Mystery Blanket some of us have also done Debbie Abrahams Mystery CushionBead Club, and Jane Crowfoot’s Crochet Club as well as various other projects.

Various Bead Projects

Bead Club Bag

Bead Club Scarf

It’s a great opportunity to ‘show & tell’ and ‘ooh & aah’ over each others accomplishments, talk about the latest work on our needles and do a lot of catching up generally.  In fact I’m not sure a lot of crafting really happens on the day!

Last week saw our first get together of 2014.  What started out in the early years as a 2 hour meet has turned into a full day event.  The day started off with a little more entertainment than anticipated.  We pulled up into our friend’s driveway promptly and laden down with crafting projects made our way up the steps to the front door. We rang the doorbell with excited anticipation at meeting up again after a few months.  We waited and waited … no reply.  We rang again … and waited … no reply. We knocked … and waited … no reply.  Was our friend ok?  Had she been called away urgently?  Had she popped out to get something at the last-minute?  Had she overslept and not heard us?  Had she totally forgotten and gone out for the day to do something else?  After 2 more knocks and 15 minutes of waiting and having now been joined by two other ladies I decided to ring our friend.  Imagine my surprise when she answered, asking where we were?  “On your doorstep,” was my reply.  I got a bigger surprise when the reply came back that she couldn’t see us as she walked down her steps outside her house!  Yes you’ve guessed it – we were at the wrong house!!!

Despite being to her house on three previous occasions, this time, for a reason completely unbeknown to myself, I confidently drove up and parked on her next door neighbours drive!  In fact my knitting friend who travelled with me and the other ladies (you know who you are!) who arrived after me all joined me on the steps of this house, despite one lady’s husband who dropped her off saying it was the house next door!  I’m sure we would have provided a great study in human behaviour!

Still we had a fun and entertaining start to the day and once in the right house got to indulge in eating homemade cake!


Then it was time to catch up on knitting trips to Shetland Wool Week and quilting trips with Arena to Canada.  We got to see Norma’s progress with Jane Crowfoot’s 2013 Crochet Club.  Stunning colours!


And Hazel showed off her finished cosy and snug 2013 Mystery Blanket, A Nordic Adventure.  A reminder that I really need to get mine finished!


Steph was wearing her Moebius Scarf from a workshop with Alison Crowther-Smith. Gorgeous colour, texture and shape.

MOBEIUSMoebius Scarf












All too soon another relaxing and entertaining knitting group get together was over. Roll on April when we next meet and let’s hope I turn up at the right house this time!

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  1. I was gratified that my humble pad should be mistaken for the posh house next door! By the way, the neighbours are in New Zealand so they were not likely to open the door to see several red-faced ladies on their terrace. I regret to say that I have succumbed to the latest email from Janie Crow and signed up for the patterns of for this year’s Crochet Club.

    1. Glad to hear the neighbours are away. You’ll be able to tell them all about it when they’re back! Oooh, look forward to seeing your progress with the Crochet Club at our next together in April.

  2. Some of these photos are just WOW! Such knitting envy right now – I love the idea of a knitting group, how lovely that you have been keeping it up for so long! x

    1. Thanks Emma. It’s great being part of a knitting group and I surprised myself when I realised how long we have been meeting up. I hope when I move to Skye I might tempt them to have one of our knitting get togethers up there!

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