I am currently working on a crochet project for myself!  It’s not often I swap the knitting needles for the crochet hook.  I had selected this particular project to take on holiday for its portability and as it’s cotton it wouldn’t be too sweaty in the hands in the heat.  With the loss of my Nan, the holiday had to be cancelled, but I decided to continue with the Holiday Project.  It’s a crochet short sleeve cardigan, Harbour, from the Rowan Savannah Collection by Marie Wallin.

Rowan Savannah, made of 94% cotton and 6% silk is now discontinued so mine has come from my stash, a bargain from a post Christmas yarn sale at John Lewis.  And I am loving this dusty pink colour, called Wild.  I have knitted with this yarn before and did get a little frustrated with the thread that runs through as I found it unraveled at times.  For some reason I’m finding it easier to crochet than to knit with.

Crochet Top 4

I’m doing the small size, so that’s 14 of each of the two square motifs.

Crochet Top 3


Crochet Top 2

It’s progressing quickly so hopefully I’ll get it finished in time to have a chance to wear it next time the sun makes an appearance!

Bye for Now.

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