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  1. Good Morning/Evening! This is the first time I have visited the site and I am smitten. The buttons are SO much fun as were your purchases! I will listen to the podcast in a bit. But the bags from Un Chat dans l’Aiguille. made me almost fall off of my chair! I LOVE circles. Your Lace patterns are very nice. Be well…..

    1. Many thanks for your lovely comment. It’s good to hear you loved so many thanks in the show notes, hope you enjoy listening in to the podcast. Best wishes Tania x

  2. Hello Tania, just listened to your latest podcast whilst in lockdown in Surrey. Like you say what a difference a month makes …so lovely to see you at Unravel, coffee & cake next time! Thank you for the shout out in your podcast, I feel vaguely famous! Take care, keep well and stay safe, Kate xxxx

    1. Hi Kate lovely to hear from you! Hope you are keeping well and no doubt getting lots of knitting done! x

  3. Another lovely episode to salve our isolation. I really enjoyed the interview with Di Gilpin and her colleague, Sheila – a formidable pair but what a relationship!
    Thanks smiley lady x

    1. Thanks Lorna, Sheila & Di were great to interview. Good to hear you enjoyed it. Hope all is well with you x

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