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Welcome to the 22nd episode of my podcast – Getting Back On Track

Thank you for listening again or welcome if you are a first time listener.

A little latter than planned after being poorly!

The Weather 

I reflect on the winter we’ve had since the start of 2019.  We’ve had a good winter, mild with little snow.  I talk about the abundance of colour we’ve had as the daffodils gave way to the gorse and the primroses and just recently the bluebells.


Spring has brought good weather with lots of sunshine.


I talk about lingering projects and how for some odd reason being ill saw me wanting to sew in ends and block projects.  This includes my Stephen West Gulfoss which needs a Dorset Button Brooch to finish it off and it will have one by the next episode!  My Susan Crawford Blanch top and my Eigg Slippers from Rowan Magazine 52 which I am very happy to finally be making progress on although not quite finished!

I’ve blocked 3 shawls – Mustard Seed Shawl by Boo Knits, Winter Thyme Shawl by Sarah Alderson knitted in my Limestone wool and Onda D’amore  shawl by Justyna Lokowska.


Finished!!!  I can wear all of these now!

Another 3 shawls are waiting in the blocking queue – one is quite complicated which I will talk about next time.

Islay Jacket Di Gilpin – I bring you up to date with where I am with this.

I started Tegna Caitlin Hunter, Boyland Knits using stashed Blue Faced Leicester from Nic of Yarns from the Plain.

I chat about my visit to the Vogue New York Live Knitting Show and talk through the workshops I did which included

Mosaic Knitting with Melanie Berg, Shadow or Illusion Knitting with Franklin Habit

Shadow / Illusion knitting – Looking down onto the sample from above.


Shadow / Illusion knitting – Viewing from an angle and the heart motif is fully revealed.

and Swing Knitting with Nicky Epstein and the Marlisle technique with Anna Maltz

I bought 3 different yarns.

Flying Fibres based in Pennsylvania – Leicester Longwool from Fred and Primrose

Long Island Yarn & Farm – 70% alpaca, 10% mohair, 20% US grown Rambouillet

A yarn that matched the dress I was wearing – a merino and silk mix.  I forgot to say on the podcast that it is by Seven Sisters Arts.  

Dorset Buttons

I bring you up to date with all the teaching and exhibiting I’ll be doing this year.

Shetland Wool Week – 28 Sept – 6 Oct have just launched their programme and release of tickets for their 10th Anniversary and I was very humbled that  my Dorset Button workshops sold out.

I am at Plockton Craft Fair this Friday followed by the Highland Wool Textiles Show at Dingwall on Saturday.  Thereafter you will find me at

Aberdeen Yarn Fest – Sun 9 June.  Teaching 2 workshops.

Woolfest – Fri 28 & Sat 20 June

WooLNess – Sat 3 & Sun 4 August.  Teaching 2 workshops

Wool@Portsoy – Sat 24 August

Loch Ness Knit Fest – Fri 18 & Sat 19 Oct.  Teaching 1 workshop

I hope to see some of you at some point during the year.

Finally plans are in motion to give the website an update over the next few weeks.

Local Lowdown

I update you on our upgraded Co-op in Broadford.

Be aware I do go off on a bit of a tangent talking about my dislike of self-help check out desks in supermarkets

Across The Bridge

I bring you an interview with Solii of BeFab Be Creative who prints my Dorset Button fabric for me.  We recorded this on the Monday after Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

I’m looking a little washed out (2 days post Edinburgh Yarn Festival) as Solii & I step up to doing a selfie!


We chat about how BeFab Be Creative owned & run by Solii and her sister Zoe came about.  We also chat about the printing equipment, fabrics, sponsorship, running a business, imposter syndrome, future plans and getting better at promoting ourselves.

This is Bertha!

And this is Roberto!

I’m delighted to add that BeFab Be Creative recently won Small Business of the Year at the Scottish SME Business Awards and were also finalists for Manufacturer of the Year in the 2019 Insider Made in Scotland Awards.

That’s it for now.  I will be back in June!

Til next time . . .

Music – the music is:

One Frog For a Prince, by Ron Patton & licensed from Melody Loops.

Bye for now.




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  1. Another lovely episode to accompany my knitting – see you in Aberdeen! Lorna x

  2. Right there with you about the self-check-out ma”#¤%. I will rather wait in line, saying hello to a normally nice person sitting behind the till and leave without any fuss, than having to fight with the ma”#¤% (no, I don’t want a bag, either accept any weight of my shoulder-bag or accept that I DO NOT want a bag for a pound of coffee and some milk, thank you very much; and please allow me to leave the store without having to show proof that I have paid to another d”#¤ ma”#¤%).

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