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Welcome to the 19th episode of my podcast – Feeling Grateful

Thank you for listening again or welcome if you are a first time listener.

I start by talking about the feedback I’ve had about my voice on the podcast!  I perceive myself very differently to many of you – very interesting!

I also talk about the frequency of the podcast.

The Weather 

The weather is still very mixed although we’ve had a period of very calm weather with beautiful sunrises & sunsets.  We’ve had an unnamed storm followed by Storm Deirdre who wasn’t as bad & what apparently was an horrendous thunderstorm that thankfully we were away for.

There’s little snow compared to this time last year & what has appeared has just as quickly disappeared.

Today, Christmas Eve, it’s been a wonderful clear day with frost on the ground.  Today I spent time just stood here soaking up the scenery and the atmosphere & feeling very grateful that this is where I now live.

I chat to you about a conversation I had with one of my listeners Lyn from Australia & similarities with my observation of weather reporting in the UK as well as how important a local accurate forecast can be.  What happens where you live?  Do all your big cities get the attention on the news when maybe the weather is worse in more sparsely populated area.

The TJFrog weather station is yet to be put together, although I aim to bring my TJFrog weather reports in 2019.


My Belmont & Islay cardigans are still Works in Progress.  I tell you about what’s been happening with the Islay cardigan & a mistake I’ve made that is going to stay!

I feel I need a simple knit project on the go as a break from these two more detailed projects.  I have prepped some yarn ready to make a cosy cowl or scarf and there is also a beanie to knit, a request from my TJFrog Staff!

I chat about a jumper in Rowan Felted Tweed I’ve seen in the latest The Knitter magazine (issue 132) which is going on my list of knits to do.

There are still shawls to block, Eigg slippers to sew up & a bag to line.  Nor have I made any progress on my Moray Star.

I’ve been organising my personal & business stash as they’ve become a bit mix & I chat about attempting to organise my stock a bit more.

I’m off to New York in January to the Vogue Live Knitting Show where I’m looking to learn some new skills & indulging in the knitting yarn world.

Dorset Buttons

I chat about the success from the Fruity Knitting interview & thank you for all the support, for following me, the messages & the purchases from my website.

photo courtesy of Andrea Doig, Fruity Knitting 

In November I went to Baa in Stonehaven to teach a 5 hour Dorset Button workshop as well as a pop-up shop.  Many different Dorset Buttons were made & it was a great day.


We went in our camper van & very much enjoyed the location staying on the seafront.

I talk about Aunt Betty’s, an ice cream parlour recommended to us, & The Bay fish & chip shop.  Both of which we would go to again.

I’ve taken part in a couple of local Christmas Craft Fairs as well as going to one as a visitor which was a lovely change.

There has been more research on my Dorset Button book & with a couple of new areas to explore the book will now come out in the summer not the spring.

I ended the year teaching for a WI group & a Guild of weavers, spinners & dyers.

I’ve had a great year, repeating shows, new shows, meeting some of you again, meeting some of you for the first time.  The workshops have also developed over the year & there are now many new Dorset Button makers.

2019 plans are already underway.  I will be exhibiting at Edinburgh Yarn Festival which is very exciting as it just gets bigger & better every year.  Do pop by & say hello if you are coming along.  Sign up to the newsletter on the EYF website if you want to be the first to hear about details & tickets for some of the extra events yet to be announced.

For the first time I will be delivering a Dorset Button Masterclass on Sat 9 March, 1000 – 4pm at Dornoch Fibre Fest.  All the details can be found here.

I’m still working over the Christmas & New Year period, largely on my plans for Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  I also have sacks of wool due to arrive at the end of the month & there will be a lot to be done to get that ready in time.

Local Lowdown

I tell you about the place where I got our Christmas Tree from, Loch Duich plants run by Donald.  Based at Inverinate along from Eilean Donan castle it’s a great business worth knowing about if you want to stop off to buy a plant or flowers or order some for somebody.

Across The Bridge

The interview today is with Janice Anderson the owner of Baa in Stonehaven.

We hear about the yarn that Janice stocks, the simple layout of the place which showcases the products really well & her design work.



Ramsay MacSporran

Finally a shout out to my TJFrog Staff, my husband, my hubby Geraint.  He is very supportive of my business & I’m very fortunate & thankful for all his help throughout the year.

Have a great festive season & I hope you have get some time to yourselves & of course some crafting.

See you in 2019!

Til next time . . .

Music – the music is:

One Frog For a Prince, by Ron Patton & licensed from Melody Loops.

Bye for now.



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