The challenge today is to:

“Blog different to how you normally blog.”

Today I’ve invited my hubby to be my guest blogger.  I gave him the brief and a very tight timescale and this is what he came up with:

Social Knitting

Fingers twitching, needles clicking.

We’re knitting in the round.

Chitter chattering, always nattering.

We’re knitting in the round.

Mistake prevention, check the tension.

We’re knitting in the round.

Garment growing, stitches flowing.

We’re knitting in the round.

Gansey sweater, Fair Isle better?

We’re knitting in the round. 

Bottles empty, wine a plenty!

We’re knitting in the round.

Damn and blast it, have to frog it.

When knitting in the round.

French Wine

The wine reference refers to the wonderful knitting workshops I have been very fortunate to attend in France!

Bye for now.

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