The challenge today (oops yesterday) is (was) to:

“Write a descriptive introduction about a tool you use for your craft, then write a dialogue between yourself & this item.”

The tool I am lost without in knitting is my needle gauge – the problem is – I can never find it when I most need it!  Hence a delay in putting up this post!

The needle gauge I have is made of white plastic and is approximately 3″ by 2″ in size.  It’s sturdy and a handy size to carry around.  It is perfect for:

Over the past few weeks I have searched high and low for it and have just finished another attempt at finding it to no avail.  My message to my needle gauge:

TJFrog:  “Our relationship is one of love and hate.  I love it when you are close by and available to use.  I hate it when you go into hiding and I can’t find you when I need you!  Recently you have been hiding a lot and this last period is the longest absence ever.  I realise you get moved around from project bag to project bag and have no fixed abode.  Please come out of hiding and we can negotiate a permanent home for you.”

Waiting patiently for it to appear . . .

Bye for now.

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