Colouring Book

Colouring Book – illustrations by Katie Green

TJFrog exclusive A5 colouring book commissioned from Katie Green with the themes of Dorset Buttons, knitting and crochet.

The A5 colouring book contains 11 drawings, 6 of which are the same as the postcards. They are of people depicting scenes of Dorset Buttons, yarn, chat, making, tea & cake, with some Dorset Horn sheep and the odd frog making an appearance too! The are remaining 5 illustrations are of Dorset Buttons, 4 of contemporary style and 1 a collection of original Dorset Buttons.

Each drawing is printed on it’s own page with a blank back which means you can colour it, cut it out, frame it or stick or on the wall.

Charity Donation
Up until 31st December 2020 a 15% donation will be made from each book sold.
Where a book appears in an offer the 15% will be taken off the full price not the discounted price.

The donation will be going to Rag Tag on Skye, a social enterprise who support people with a range of health problems, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. They aim to raise awareness about mental health, disability, discrimination and environmental issues. They have a charity shop and also recycle and up cycle textiles while also providing a variety of craft and personal development workshops for people, particularly the vulnerable in the community.

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