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Dorset Button Kits


Includes Full Instructions

Button Kits

Wall Hanging Kits

Brooch Kits

Wall Hanging Kits

Bracelet Kits

Wall Hanging Kits

Shorelines & Strata Wool

Dorset Horn

Dorset Down

Poll Dorset

Stitch & Progress Markers


Handmade by TJFrog Using Hand Dyed Yarns

Max Needle 6mm/US10

Max Needle 3.5mm/US4

Lobster Claw

Notion, Needle & Project Bags

Notion Bags

Needle Bags

Project Bags

Earrings Brooches Decorations


Handmade by TJFrog




Coloured Beads


Debbie Abrahams

Beads - Size 8

Beads - Size 6

Threaders Thimbles Cutters

Yarn Threader


Yarn Cutter