Dorset Button Stitch Markers


Handmade by Tania on the Isle of Skye with UV Reactive hand-dyed yarn from Scotland.


Now you will be able to find that stitch marker that is in hiding in your project bag or drawer!

This set of 5 Dorset Button Stitch Markers are made with UV Reactive hand-dyed yarn from My Mama Knits.   The photo of yarn balls shows the different colours these are available in and there is also a set which has one of each colour.

Each Dorset Button measures 16mm across with a ring which will take a knitting needle up to 3.5mm, US4.

Presented in a rectangular hinged tin with clear perspex window, measuring 96 x 59 x 21mm. The foam is removable to provide a storage tin for all your knitting & crochet stitchmakers.

Please Note: As this is hand-dyed yarn, colour variation occurs across each stitch marker and the distribution of colour in each stitchmarker may differ from that seen in these product photos.

Actual product colour may also differ (lighter or darker) to that seen on your computer, tablet, phone monitor or screen due to calibration differences.

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